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This panel has been going now for years. And years. It began as a simple birch, gessoed with acrylic, and became a sequel to another painting of the same size that depicted a fantastical take on a public execution extrapolated from the days in England when politics and faith pulled people apart between denominations. This panel then became a future glimpse into an otherworldly perspective on such terrors.

I later retired this panel, until I needed something on which to paint the story of Jacob’s wives and family. Having scraped maybe 70% of that painting away, I am left with this pastel palette palimpsest image, intending to reevaluate its figures, and how they are drawn.

Out of Context: Recent Works by Adrian Johnston

Out of Context…

The work in this Out of Context show is intended as a bridge for art and community through hospitality. The Prattville Gallery itself is an exercise in hospitality, a vision for the creation of redemptive culture, and a bridge for art and community. The works portray people upside down, roots in bloom, and light in dark. It is out of context because it offers art, which Hans-Georg Gadamer has described as play, symbol, and festival, in the midst of what we experience every day as war, futility, and division. It offers paradox in prayer, and asks for unity in celebration.

This exhibit courtesy of The Prattville Gallery.

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