I See Through You


Untitled. Oil on Panel, 5 x 5 in

The Sky is Falling on our Heads. Oil and Gold Leaf on Panel, 4 x 6.5

The Sky is Falling on our Heads, 2022. Oil and Gold Leaf on Panel, 4 x 6.5

Figure Study. Oil on Panel, 4 x 6 in

Untitled. Mixed Media on Four Panels, 12 x 12 in

7 Variations. Mixed Media on 7 panels, 6 x 6 in each

Works on Panel, Varied Sizes less than 12 x 12 in

I am interested iconography, and the function of ritual. Image, action, and devotion intersect in historical places of worship, and through religious icons, create spaces of worship that are not historical. These paintings are made of mixed mediums to create contours that suggest shapes, common physical spaces and material content. As a keyhole reveals a glimpse into an adjacent space, these figure studies are work-intensive means of pouring one’s attention into or through a contour. As Venn diagrams visually organize like and unlike, these paintings establish formal relationships of color, material, value, and shape that retain both specificity and breadth. The repetitive act of veiling, defining, and excavating visually expresses the tension between essential qualities and numerous possibilities.


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