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Adrian Johnston was born in Tennessee.  He studied Drawing and Painting at the University of Iowa, exterior Mural at Massart, and continued on to study and teach in Guizhou University College of Art.  Adrian currently resides in Boston, where he works as an artist and illustrator with his wife and two children.

About the Work and the Process:

I employ the figure in empty or imagined environments, hovering between surface and story. Growing out of life-drawing process, I express presence through color, and a sense of time through the history of accumulated line. The hope of realizing an unanticipated visual resonance impels me towards adding layers, and to subtractive research in the depth of the surface. When I deconstruct the figure, or avoid it altogether, I search for fitting symbols in its place. My process has been inspired by post–abstract expressionism, using layered culture tokens and personal iconography to isolate a visual wavelength that fluctuates between the surface of material and depth of illusion, between perceptions of value and worthlessness, between subjectivity and objectivity, between identity imposed and reality observed, between the painting as book and the book as object. I strive always towards unity within the diversity of feelings and ideas in my work, a “better and truer self,” and a transformational freedom that allows transcendence in the midst of community and the passage of time.

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