Sketch and Artist Books

Vanishing Points

An artist book by Adrston; compiled from a year or so of sketching on minibus rides in southwestern China, 2007.

Living Stones: A Poem

Open  (click/scroll) left to turn pages in order.

Watercolor Sketchbook

A selection of watercolor sketches from observation in southwestern China, 2009.

Under Construction

A selection of photos of high rises and night markets, 2003-2005.

Collage Sketchbook

A selection of some first explorations in collage as response to weather.

Yunbenchu: A Journey Scroll

A Journey Scroll (After YunBenchu). This is a Journey Scroll, inspired by and based on a work by the Chinese artist Yun Benchu’s CengLuan Qiuji (恽本初的层峦秋霁图). Acrylic and Pigment on Canvas.

Rider on High

Illustrations to accompany “There’s a Rider on High” written by Jason Harms from the suite “The Land of the Fear of Men” (jazz orchestra, strings, and choir).