Ears to Hear and Eyes to See

The first part of Matthew chapter 13 includes a number of parables. This illustration was done in conjunction with Bible Study Fellowship’s 2021 Study of Matthew: “The Unexpected King.”. See other artworks here.

What resonated with me as a unifying thread to the many visual elements in the stories themselves was the exhortation to “see” and to “hear.”

“An Ear to Hear.” Illustration for Matthew 13:1-30

Matthew 13:1-30 includes several distinct parts, including the parable of the four soils, and the parable of the good seed among weeds. I have taken Jesus’ exhortation in vv 10-17 to “hear and see” as the integrating theme for this drawing, “An Ear to Hear.” In this drawing, the inside of the story is larger than the outside. Here showing path and birds, rocks, weeds, fruitful ground.

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