Living Stones

In Poland we were hosted by the Elim Christian Center, a restored palace, about 1500 years old, on beautiful grounds in the hills of Lwowek Slasik. We were given a book called “Dying Buildings, Living Stones” about the God’s work in Poland, and the ministry which takes place in this ancient building.

Next to the castle is an abandoned and crumbling three story building that was used by Nazi’s during WW2 as a mental hospital for the soon-to-be-insane. It now has trees and plant life growing throughout each floor. As the sun came through the mist one morning and shot throughout the architecture, it turned all the bricks blood red and brilliant orange.

In 2012, I did a show of paintings called “Living Stones” including many references to architectural forms both growing and falling apart, or else in the process of construction.  Being in Poland, and traversing those rotting floors and unweildy walls was like living in a fuller reality than I could have imagined–to walk in person through a crumbling mansion which was originally only images in my head.


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